October 21, 2017

When Voice Actors Attack!

I never thought I would hear a voice actor do something like this, let alone tell the story at his panel. Let this be a warning to everyone though, don’t get Johnny Yong Bosh ticked! After watching the above video though I’m not so sure that Johnny’s actions were justified. I’m not saying that the staff members actions were justified either, I just think Johnny went a bit overboard here. He should have just took the bagel.

What do you think? Did Johnny go overboard?


  1. he’s a douchebag…

  2. He went overboard, but stuff happens especially when you’re hungry!

  3. …Huh. This seems kind of like a stupid thing to spend a panel on. Maybe it’s better for him to have his version of events than have rumors fly around, but I dunno. I think he’s spent too much time trying to justify himself.

  4. @DancingQueen:
    I knew you were going to say that! XD

    @super rats
    Yea, stuff does happen when your hungry.

    I think he did spend too much time justifying himself as well.

  5. - Wow. I don’t know if you know Amy Sorensen but she has blogged about doing a Ragnar (I thought it was just one race in UT) and her writing about it is pretty awesome, and scares me to death as a beginning runner, ha. Though I do run at night on base in the summer and it is by far my most favorite thing about running–stars, no sun, quiet… only worrying about getting swooped by bats or confronted by badgers : )

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