December 9, 2016

The Top Five Most Annoying Anime Characters Of All Time

As much as some of us may love anime there are characters we will find annoying. There are characters that just annoy us every time we see them on screen to no end! It may be just a little catch phrase the character constantly spouts that you find annoying, it may be a little personality quirk you find annoying, or it may be everything about the character in general that you find annoying. What ever it might be there are all anime characters that we love to hate and hate to love. Love them or hate them I’m counting down my top five most annoying anime characters of all time!

5. Mikuru Asahina (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

I will be honest I have a bit of a soft spot for Mikuru deep down in my heart. That still doesn’t change the fact that I thought she was an annoying character in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I just felt like she didn’t serve any purpose in the show other then being the moe bait character that got abused by Haruhi all the time and didn’t do anything to defend herself. I’m annoyed by characters like Mikuru that act helpless and don’t do anything when something they don’t like is happening to them when it’s in a situation where they can easily do something about what is going on. Mikuru does have her moments where bits of her good character shine through, unfortunately these moments are few and far in between.

4. Fuuko Ibuki (Clannad)

I think I can pretty much say that any anime based off a Key property has at least one character I just can’t stand. For Clannad that character is Fuuko Ibuki. Everything about her was annoying. Being and acting stupid isn’t cute it’s annoying. She really didn’t serve any purpose at all in the show and her story arc was annoying as well. Fuuko was just plain annoying!

3. Makoto Sawatari (Kanon 2006)

I really, really disliked Makoto in Kanon. She was a bit annoying in the show but what really made her annoying was the end of her story arc in the anime. It was one of the most annoying and stupidest stories ever! The end of her story arc in the anime was horrible and painful to watch part of it was the story and the other part was how she acted and what she became at the end of her story arc. I really did enjoy Kanon quite a bit but Makoto’s story arc in the show was just horrible.

2.Hazuki (MoonPhase)

Possibly one of the reasons why I was never able to finish watching MoonPhase was it’s main character Hazuki. She is pretty much all the annoying traits of the above characters mixed together making Hazuki annoying on epic levels. Hazuki is selfish, annoying, and her constant screams of “onii-chan!” just drive me insane! She is nothing more than an annoying little sister and I don’t know how that can even be considered moe or be an attractive trait for a character.

1. Nagi Sanzenin (Hayate the Combat Butler)

I love Hayate the Combat Butler, I really do, but I unfortunately have to express my extreme dislike for one of it’s characters. Yes I know this character is one of the main characters and yes she is a huge part of what makes the show what it is. With that said Nagi Sanzenin is the big numero uno on my list of the five most annoying anime characters. Nagi is similar to Hazuki but she is a spoiled rich brat which doubles her annoyance level. Much like Hazuki she is nothing more then an annoying little sister. Even her being an otaku can’t save her from being annoying.

So who are your top five most annoying anime characters?

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  1. I’m going to leave this here …

    The entire cast of Code Geass
    The entire cast of Shuffle!
    Inuyasha and Kagome from …Inuyasha
    Anybody from Sengoku Basara….

    Generally, most shows which I dislike I find all of their characters extremley grating. I can’t really think of anybody in specific.

    I do kind of agree that Mikuru is annoying though. The rest, I don’t care about so much. Never seen moon phase or combat butler.

  2. Your #4 & 5 pics stab me deeply in the heart. OK not that much, but I enjoyed those characters. My annoying characters are more mecha and shounen related. But usually they have a habit of ******* things up for others or being doormats, so I can definitely understand.

    Zeta Gundam – Katz Kobayashi
    Bleach – Orihime
    Code Geass – Spinzaku
    Naruto – Sakura

  3. Principal Kuno says:

    Me, from Ranma 1/2 (I dare you to watch Season 4, Ep. 1).

  4. Makoto? ESPECIALLY the end of her arc? Really?

    Also… 2006, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2007. Coming up on five decades of anime (Astro Boy was in ’63) and the most annoying characters OF ALL TIME are really concentrated in the most recent 15% of those years? And all the same gender?

    Care to explain these phenomena?

  5. @Shay Guy: Well when I was writing this post I thought of the most annoying characters that were also the most memorable to me as well. These characters were the ones that really came to mind as annoying me the most. Sure there are annoying characters in older anime, but when it came to what characters really left a mark on me for being annoying these were it. I haven’t really come across a male character in anime yet that has annoyed me as much as the 5 anime girls I listed have.

    Also to answer you about Makoto, I just thought the whole story about her being a fox and what not was just stupid. I think it was more that it broke my suspension of disbelief more then anything else.

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. watch anime says:

    Hazuki is cool but out of all of them she annoys me the most.

  7. Alec White says:

    LOL the full five top of most annoying charachter are perfects little sisters…

  8. Maybe as an anime character but you know Nagi isn’t rich and therefore isn’t annoying in the manga anymore?

  9. Also, she was never annoying and at times really funny.

  10. Most annoying,… that’s a chart I loved! But for me, as a person who has watched all Bleach episodes (don’t ask – I just have too many friends in this anime) I have to say that Orihime is one hell of a friend to have: Kurosaki-kun! Kurosaki-kun! Kurosaki-kun!

    Just watch the episode where Ulquiorra and Yammy first enter the human world and you’ll understand what I mean. Moreover, it’s not like this in one episode, it’s everywhere.

    Also, a more positive list;

  11. One of the most annoying characters is Misa from Death Note but she’s very pretty

  12. I like Inoue….she’s a nice person and (no offence to anyone) you can’t blame her for liking Ichigo….

  13. The picture of Hazuki stabbed my heart. She may be annoying, but she does eventually stop using her hypno-eyes in people. She did lose her mother, and that is where i feel sorry for her. Her emotions DO change a lot, but then again, she is a 14 year old VAMPIRE after all. Yes, she is selfish, but she was isolated in a castle for four years; on top of being a vampire, she has to get used to not only being in society, but she also has to learn human mannerisms.

  14. I actually think Haruhi is the most annoying character from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Actually she’s one of the most annoying main characters in any anime series. I just feel like she’s insensitive andshe takes her friends and her friends emotions for granted. Also the reason for Mikuru being annoying, doesn’t really make sense, because there are two other characters who let Haruhi do whatever she wants, we also know that Yuki doesn’t really like some of the things either (due to her “errors” in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzimiya). However because of Haruhi, they can’t express their displeasure or it’s the end of the world.

  15. Rena , you got that wrong. Besides , Mikuru never had any significant character development after the few first chapters and the movie. She was just Miss Fanservice and a moe-blob.

  16. Damien Gibson says:

    Cmon man… How can u hate Makoto so much? Her story is she was basicly an abandoned pet fox… and she misses the only thing in the world she was attached too… Just think, how many animals do you know that dont act like little kids? and also D: Shes like the best character… I personally started to get bored with the anime more and more the longer she was gone ;~;

  17. The anime character I despise the most if Minato from Sekirei. This character has nearly all the annoying traits of an anime character: useless, dull, stupid. This character and the cliffhanger of sekirei prevented me from liking the anime. Makoto is also one of my most hated anime characters, but at least he’s completely non cliche.

  18. BonnieBarko says:

    None of the top 5 in this list is really annoying.
    At least there’s no character more annoying than Kasuga Kyosuke of Kimagure Orange Road.
    Even the original voice acting is annoying.
    Considering the anime is from 1985 and I’ve seen many others since, that says a lot I think.

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  20. I have to agree, Nagi is annoying at times but she can be a bit cute, funny, and yes, she does make the show for what it is. She is a spoiled, filthy rich brat, and that’s what the show obviously shows. But if you read the manga, you’ll really see that she isn’t that much of one, and that she’d rather forsake her money than lose her friends (Maria, Hinagiku, Hayate, etc). I’m a big fan, but that shouldn’t play any role in my very opinion. So.. yeah, she is pretty annoying but I wouldn’t say #1 annoying.

  21. Glad you like the soundtrack! Can’t wait for the full ltegnh versions xDYou can find the first episodes on ;D Bwahaha ~~ Have fun watching it >u< It's the mysterious type of anime.

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  23. Bonnie Barko says:

    Sakuragi Matsuri-chan from Ichigo Mashimaro. They put the most annoying features in the clumsy-glasses-girl cliche. Matsuri is a complete idiot, any other character (anime or drama) behaving like that would be considered a medical imbecile.

  24. The sound track is really nice! Have to find seibttlud version hahah !Nicely animated and drawn too! ^-^ Will have to give it a go, will have to put on my internet treasure digger suit and dig the internet up for another incredible hard to find episode! lol ;)

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  33. BonnieBarko says:

    another very annoying character is Kusaka Yuu from “Ayakashi” of 2007, an unsuccessful adaption of the manga.
    Kusaka Yuu is a blockhead a real moron, he never listens, breaks promises all the time, never learns a thing. The voice-over of Kishio Daisuke is annoying as well as it’s grunting and screaming most of the time.


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    The Top Five Most Annoying Anime Characters Of All Time

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