September 26, 2017

The Otaku Second Life?

ANN reports that there will be a 3d world type mmo where you will be able to create your own character and interact with various characters from Clannad, Shuffle, and Da Capo. This is really interesting. It sounds alot like second life. We will probably never see anything like this in the US though.

What do you think about ai space?

Source: ANN


  1. This is ridiculous, but I want to play it regardless. I wonder if they’re going to be the only ones or if they’ll add more characters?

  2. Akasha Yi says:

    There will likely be expansions on set dates that may or may not coincide with series that are running.

    It might not be that hard to make a character and get running on your computer, regardless of the country you are in. I’ve played Japan only MMO’s (like the Shin Megumi Tensei one). The only issue I can see having is the language barrier.

    (There is also a surprisingly large Japanese population on Second Life itself, as well.)

    Man, the 3d cell shading looks fantastic. I’ll probably -have- to play that, on principal.

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