October 22, 2018

The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour Video Promo!

Here is the video promo for The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour coming up at Anime Expo! Go here for more info on the panel. Also if you would be so kind as to post this promo and make mention of the panel on your site  it would be much appreciated. If you post it on your site let me know! Thanks, and see you at the panel!



  1. Most excellent.


  1. […] But further news is afoot.  Benu, revered sensei of aniblogging, has released secret footage. […]

  2. […] on about Anime Expo 2009 and what they are looking forward to this year, the amazing guests, and The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour! They also talk about some news and why you should go to The Indecent Otaku Comedy […]

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