September 26, 2017

The Great Moe Debate!

I need your help! I am preparing for an article I am working on about moe and I have two surveys I would like you to take. I am trying to get some info on what people’s thoughts are on moe to incorporate into my article and would appreciate it if you would take the two surveys linked below and give your honest opinion. Follow the links below and take the surveys! Thanks!

[polldaddy survey=”F9B18AACFC186A0D” link_text=”Survey Part 1″]

[polldaddy survey=”E850520C1B87D0CF” link_text=”Survey Part 2″]


  1. Some of your questions and answers are poorly worded. Just a head’s up. Please make sure your answer selections clearly answers the question asked, and the question is not convoluted (like half of the questions in survey 2)

  2. @omo:
    I’m not quite sure I understand what you are trying to tell me? If you think they are poorly worded what are your suggestions on how I could word things better? Also what is convoluted about the questions in survey 2? I’m not sure how I should have worded things in the first place because this is more of an experiment then anything else. I’m not sure I could have worded things any better because I really didn’t know what sort of questions to ask in the first place. Also you don’t even understand the reason for the questions which I am going to discuss in the article I plan to write based around the results for the surveys.

    I do appreciate your input but until I write the article you won’t have a full understanding of just what I am trying to write about. Maybe when you have read the article I am going to write you will have a better understanding of what kind of responses I was trying to get from people. Maybe I did poorly word things and do have some convoluted questions. But I don’t really know what I did wrong at this point and you don’t have the full picture of what I am trying to do as of yet.

    I have never done anything like this before so I don’t know what kind of standards I’m supposed to follow if there are any. This is all an experiment and something new for me. I am sorry if you feel that the questions are poorly worded and convoluted but I don’t know any other way to try and express what I am trying to express.

    I don’t have a masters degree in English or conducting research, I am just trying to do what I can with my site here.

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