September 26, 2017

The End Of Otaku Culture As We Know It…

There has been a lot of talk and controversy over the recent killings that happened in Akihabara. Seven were killed and 11 were injured. I’m not going to go into all the details as there are many other sites that have already done so. These killings have a lot of people worried as evidenced by the many blog posts here, here, here, and here. At first everyone thought it was just a random killing and it would not be connected to anime or otaku in any way. Patrick Macias had a totally different view from the beginning on how this would play out.

This guy just killed Akihabara the way Charles Manson killed the sixties. And we’re all under arrest now…

Patrick thinks this was the worst time for something like this to happen: there was already alot of tension over recent events in Akihabara as it is. But he also said he didn’t think the media would “peg this as a return of the Murdering Otaku archetype.” They recently found out, though, that the killer in fact liked anime, and his only possessions were some doujin manga they found in his apartment. Now many are scared that the killer will be pegged as a crazy otaku murderer and the media will start blaming anime and manga as the reason for the crime. Some even are claiming that this could be the end of anime, manga, and the otaku culture as we know it in Japan and the US and even suggest that it will lead to an eventual collapse of the industries on both sides of the globe.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those that were hurt by this horrible act of violence.

Do you think this is it for otaku culture? Or are people overreacting?


  1. That is really sad. I hope to God that they don’t eliminate all anime conventions.

  2. I highly doubt it is the end of anime and the otaku culture. People are just overreacting. This will blow eventually over. It was just one of those freak happenings that occur once in a while. It stupid to blame entertainment media for these sort of things.

  3. Doubt it as well.

  4. While it won’t be the end of otaku culture, it IS the end of Akiba.

  5. Patrick Macias says:

    My concerns are largely about the future of Akihabara itself, not otaku culture at large. I think I made that pretty clear.

  6. @ Patrick Macias

    Ok, it seems I need to clarify some things here. I did not say that you said “it will lead to an eventual collapse of the industries on both sides of the globe.” Patrick. I did not mean for it to look like that. I’m sorry if it looked like that to you.

    And I understand your concerns were with Akihabara itself. The key phrase here was “Some even are claiming” I did not say “Patrick” I said “Some” meaning I heard some stupid peoples on the internet saying that it would lead to an eventual collapse. I do not believe it will lead to an eventual collapse nor did I say that you were overreacting.

    I did not mean for the post I wrote to “generate a dubious and emotionally overwrought debate about otaku culture” either. And the questions at the end are just that, questions.

  7. ‘End of the Otaku Culture’ my ass. We will never die, we will never give up. So long as we stay true to who we are and NOT let the iggnorant masses try to end us,we will flourish.
    One of the things being an otaku has taught me is to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.

  8. Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my questions are answered!

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