October 22, 2018

K-ON! Kinetic Typography OP!

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Yes K-On fever has hit Anime Gen! This time it’s the K-On OP given the Kinetic Typography treatment. Kinetic Typography is a really cool effect and there have already been a couple of anime OP’s that have been given the treatment such as Haruhi and ToraDora. I also love the K-On OP song but I like the ED song much more!

Are you absolutly sick of everyone talking about K-On?

8-bit K-ON! ED

Love or hate K-ON, I came across this cool 8-bit rendition of the K-ON ED. I wish the song was actually an 8-bit cover of the ED as well. I can imagine that an actual 8-bit cover of the ED is not too far off though. This 8-bit animation is still pretty cool though. This ED song has been one of my favorites recently as I’ve been playing it non-stop almost since last week! As for the actual show I’ve been loving it so far!

Are you loving or hating K-ON?

[Source]: Japanator