October 22, 2018

K-ON! Kinetic Typography OP!

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Yes K-On fever has hit Anime Gen! This time it’s the K-On OP given the Kinetic Typography treatment. Kinetic Typography is a really cool effect and there have already been a couple of anime OP’s that have been given the treatment such as Haruhi and ToraDora. I also love the K-On OP song but I like the ED song much more!

Are you absolutly sick of everyone talking about K-On?

8-bit K-ON! ED

Love or hate K-ON, I came across this cool 8-bit rendition of the K-ON ED. I wish the song was actually an 8-bit cover of the ED as well. I can imagine that an actual 8-bit cover of the ED is not too far off though. This 8-bit animation is still pretty cool though. This ED song has been one of my favorites recently as I’ve been playing it non-stop almost since last week! As for the actual show I’ve been loving it so far!

Are you loving or hating K-ON?

[Source]: Japanator

Touhou Goes Jazz!

Sort of a follow up to the Gurren Lagann Goes Jazz post, now it’s Touhou that goes jazz this time around. Sent to me by Moritheil over at Anime Diet and The Mortheil Review. This Touhou jazz/swing song and animation is done by the masters of flash animation and doujin music themselves IOSYS. It’s quite amusing and the song will get stuck in your head after awhile. >_< People get drunk and there is dancing and singing and that’s about all I understand about the crazy animation. I don’t know much about Touhou though only that I played one of the games before and that’s about it. Click Here to see the high quality original flash animation in all it’s high res glory!

Are you a fan of Touhou and if so why?