October 22, 2018

Crunchyroll Iphone/Ipod Touch App Review

Crunchyroll finally has released an Iphone/Ipod Touch app! Is it everything you could ever hope for? Is it nothing but pure anime watching bliss? Is it the best anime watching experience on the Iphone/Ipod Touch? Read on to find out!

I have been waiting the longest time for Crunchyroll to finally release an app for watching anime from the site on my Ipod Touch and it finally happened! I just found out about the new Crunchyroll app today and quickly downloaded it to check it out. When you first boot up the app you are greeted with a login screen to login if you have a Crunchyroll account. After you login you will see a summary of your profile and a guestbook tab to the right. Logging in doesn’t really give you any advantages even if you have a Crunchyroll subscription which I will explain later.

So after the profile tab if you click on the “Videos” tab you have two choices to pick either Anime or Drama. Pick Anime and you will be presented with a list of shows that you can pick from.

Pick the show you want and you will see a summary of the show and scroll down to see episodes of the show that are available to watch. Click on the episode you want and then you will see a summary of the episode and a play button. Hit play to watch the episode.

Before the episode starts playing a notice pops up that tells you how to turn on the subtitles. I found it odd that the subtitles aren’t automatically enabled as most of the shows on Crunchyroll are sub only. I hope they fix this in future updates but it isn’t a big deal as the subtitles are very easy to turn on. All you need to do to is just click the icon that looks like a speech bubble on the bottom bar. Then click English and press done and that is all!

The picture quality is great shows look clear and sharp as can be. I also like how the subtitles are on a light black background on the bottom. The subtitles are easy to read they are clear and sharp as well. You can also watch the video in wide-screen or you can zoom in so the picture fills the whole screen and it doesn’t effect the subtitles at all.

Were you thinking I was going to write this whole post without sneaking in some pictures of Hinagiku?

There are some things about the app that I think should be improved upon. Mainly logging in doesn’t really give you any advantages unless you have a subscription and even then the only advantage you have if you have a subscription is that you won’t see any ads before an episode starts. Even if you have a subscription you don’t have any access to subscriber only episodes which I do hope gets fixed in future updates. Also from what I know it only works over WiFi even on the Iphone. All in all the Crunchyroll app is great and I think it’s the best experience you can have watching streaming anime on the Iphone/Ipod touch. Download it now!

K-ON! Kinetic Typography OP!

Watch [MAD]Kinetic Typography. in Anime  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Yes K-On fever has hit Anime Gen! This time it’s the K-On OP given the Kinetic Typography treatment. Kinetic Typography is a really cool effect and there have already been a couple of anime OP’s that have been given the treatment such as Haruhi and ToraDora. I also love the K-On OP song but I like the ED song much more!

Are you absolutly sick of everyone talking about K-On?

8-bit K-ON! ED

Love or hate K-ON, I came across this cool 8-bit rendition of the K-ON ED. I wish the song was actually an 8-bit cover of the ED as well. I can imagine that an actual 8-bit cover of the ED is not too far off though. This 8-bit animation is still pretty cool though. This ED song has been one of my favorites recently as I’ve been playing it non-stop almost since last week! As for the actual show I’ve been loving it so far!

Are you loving or hating K-ON?

[Source]: Japanator

Touhou Goes Jazz!

Sort of a follow up to the Gurren Lagann Goes Jazz post, now it’s Touhou that goes jazz this time around. Sent to me by Moritheil over at Anime Diet and The Mortheil Review. This Touhou jazz/swing song and animation is done by the masters of flash animation and doujin music themselves IOSYS. It’s quite amusing and the song will get stuck in your head after awhile. >_< People get drunk and there is dancing and singing and that’s about all I understand about the crazy animation. I don’t know much about Touhou though only that I played one of the games before and that’s about it. Click Here to see the high quality original flash animation in all it’s high res glory!

Are you a fan of Touhou and if so why?

Anime Gen Figure Review – Max Factory Figma Mikuru Asahina School Uniform Version

Benu reviews Max Factory’s Figma Mikuru Asahina School Uniform Version.

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