September 26, 2017

Summer 2010 Anime Season Preview: High School Of The Dead

I’m not one for anything “horror” anime or otherwise. I just think a lot of things labeled as “horror” are quite silly and not scary at all. From what I knew about High School Of The Dead and the previews I had seen it looked to be like a badly done excuse for blood, gore, and fanservice. It seemed like that from the opening of the first episode as well. But it turns into much more and I was pleasantly surprised. From the opening scene it’s high school students fighting off a wave of zombies that are overtaking their school. Then the events that lead up to the opening scene are played out. First the male lead Takashi is seen being bummed out about being dumped by his childhood freind Rei that is going out with someone else. Takashi is then berated by a pink haired girl by the name of Tagaki telling him how pathetic he is being by moping around feeling sorry for himself. Then the zombies come and start biting teachers and suddenly zombies are everywhere.

It’s nice to see that it seems that there is a reason for this sudden zombie infestation that has suddenly taken over the whole city and the school. I do hope this reason is explained later on in the show. That is one of the things I hate about horror is that often times there is never a good reason for anything that happens. So I hope that there is at least a good reason for the zombies. I am very optimistic about this show for many reasons though and it looks like there is going to be some great character development but even more then that Tetsuro Araki of Death Note fame is in the directors chair along with a master in series composition, script, and screenplay writing, Yousuke Kuroda who is taking on the series composition duties. The well known studio Madhouse is behind the animation production as well.

Also we have some great voice talent as well with Marina Inoue who has played many popular roles such as Yoko in Gurren Lagann. Eri Kitamura is also in the show as well. Inoue voices Rei and Kitamura voices Tagaki.  High School Of The Dead has quite a bit of blood and gore and fanservice. So if you don’t like blood, gore, and fanservice, stay away. If there was a show this season that has the potential to be a huge hit High School Of The Dead is it.

How do you feel about High School Of The Dead?

*High School Of The Dead is currently streaming at The Anime Network

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