October 22, 2018

Suguri Giveaway Contest! (UPDATED)


Anime Genesis has 5 copies of the Suguri Perfect Edition DVD-ROM’s to giveaway! What do you have to do to win a copy of this fantastic doujin game? All you have to do is comment on this post! Yes it’s that easy! I will pick 5 commenters at random. The contest starts now until Friday, August 7th when I will announce the winners! Only one comment per person will count! So get to commenting!

For more info on Suguri check out Rockin’ Android.

The contest is now over! Thanks to all who entered! Now to announce the winners! I assigned a number to each of the names that entered and used a random number generator to pick five random numbers. Congrats to those who won!


1. Jesus159159159

2. Ecks

3. Reactive

4. Luna

5. Math

If you won, please contact me at animegen@gmail.com with your address and I will ship out the game to you as soon as I can! Thanks to all who participated, and thanks to Rockin’ Android for providing the copies of Suguri! When you get your copy of Suguri please let me know what you think of the game.


  1. Holy cow! Rapid refresh of your twitter feed FTW!

  2. I guess I’ll enter since I liked what I played at AX.

  3. Trizzunkz says:

    Never heard of it. Can I get one anyway?

  4. I mustn’t run away. I mustn’t run away. I mustn’t run away. I mustn’t run away. I mustn’t run away.

  5. Twitter ftw. The art (of the cover? or is it concept art?) looks amazing. Do want! (That’d be my first doujin game btw, if not to count Katawa Shoujo demo)

  6. Whoa, Suguri. This definitely brings back some memories.

  7. seems like an interesting game.

  8. Cool stuff. Hope I win~

  9. BlazingInferno says:

    Do want. I hope I win.

  10. Holy crap Suguri! =3 Can I haz? I can bake her a cake as fast as I can!

  11. theillien says:

    Pass one this-a-way

  12. um um um

    I need it :\

  13. comment comment comment

  14. If you win does Benu show up at your door dressed as Haruhi to sing “Happy Birthday Mister President?”

  15. @Jeffalopolis

    I sure hope so

    [lets all make it harder for Benu by commenting multiple times ^___^]

  16. Can I have a date with Benu instead?

    Or just a picture?

    I’m not desperate.



  17. Commento commento~! \o/

  18. I hear Canadian are eligible, so I’m in! Looks like a fun game 😀

  19. I am the bone of my sword
    Steel is my body, Fire is my blood
    I have created over a thousand blades
    Unknown to life, nor known to death
    Have withstood pain to create many weapons
    Yet those hands will never hold anything
    So as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works!

    Unlimited Blade Works is how I roll. How will my mad lack of skills fair against a Bullet Hell game? We shall see if I win.

    Still it is nice to see companies like Rockin’ Android taking an interest in importing cool games from the Japanese doujin gaming scene.

  20. Throwing my comment into this ring as well. :3

  21. It’s a tough game but a lot of fun. I’d love a copy of the special edition though. 🙂

  22. Reactive says:

    give it to me Benu, GIVE IT TO ME!

  23. Akitafuki says:

    Howdy :O

  24. Found this site on Twitter from Rockin-Android. Maybe I won’t have to buy the game =3

  25. devast8tor says:

    I can haz game? ^_^

  26. Tweet tweet.

  27. Sure why not. Count me in.


  28. i’ll give it a shot for a wine 😀

  29. This must be cool!


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