September 26, 2017

Ramen Revolution Interview Airs Tonight!

Benu And Shoji

Here is a reminder for all of you in the LA area. My interview on Ramen Revolution will be airing tonight on channel LA 18 KSCI-TV at 12:30 tonight! Make sure to watch to see my first ever TV appearance!


  1. But where are YOU, Benu? I see some Asian guy on the right and “Johnny Cab” from Total Recall on the left!

  2. @ Dane Scaysbrook

    That is not “Johnny Cab” on the left, that is me on the left! XD The makeup made me look weird in pictures. The guy on the right is famous Japanese comedian Shoji Nakayama who has toured with Hard Gay.

  3. hey i was in the interview at ax 08, hey said channel 18 saturday 12 oclock but nothing showed up…i was the guy in the school girl out-fit

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