September 26, 2017

Quick Haruhi! Save Bandai!

Save Bandai Haruhi!

Well after Funimation and alot of other American distributors started laying off staff and restructuring it seems Bandai has finally followed suit as well. Unlike Funimation’s cutbacks which will not affect production, Bandai’s cutbacks will. With Bandai only having a staff of 19 people this doesn’t look good. They say even though production will be affected there will be no release delays in anything they are working on at the current moment. They even look to keep licensing titles but they say it looks like it will be alot fewer. I can’t believe I missed the Bandai panel at Anime LA. I wanted to tell them how it was a huge mistake to not release Kurokami online. Come on Bandai, do the right thing, digital distribution! If you don’t jump on the digital distribution wagon, nothing will save you, not even Haruhi!

What do you think? Is it over for Bandai?

[Source]: ANN

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