October 21, 2017

Otaku no Podcast: The Anime Genesis Story



  1. Wow… Nice job man. When is your next podcast coming out? Let me know, I want some of that action.

  2. Nice editing work, Benu! Of course I say that because my crew features so prominently in it too, but hey…and this year, we’re going to be even bigger and badder than ever!

  3. best part was when i was outside screaming for free stuff, that was the highlight of my day!

  4. Good stuff. Too bad AX is on the other side of the continent. Those panels look like fun.

  5. Very nice editing, and I loved seeing all the bloggers :D Great way to show deep connections within the anime blogosphere . . . and did I mention I’m a Jyukai fan? All in all, awesome.

  6. rangiku says:

    great work, benu! but i would expect nothing less from my client. also, dq is soooo adorable! i wish we had gotten to see her in action at your anime LA 09 panel.

  7. Dude, you’re a dynamo…man, honestly bro, if you could help me out a bit, I know advertising and exposure’s a bit different now, a lot more competition, but I really wanna get up in the rankings you know :P anyways, hey man, I’m around :)


  8. Annemarie-chan~ says:

    ^^ nice framing~ and use of extra material*
    ur show has come so far! wow Benu* that’s so awesome**

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