October 22, 2018

New Year’s Resolutions For The Otaku

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything. As we are now in 2011 and the new year is upon us here are some resolutions for this year so that we all can become friendly productive members of anime fandom, not unproductive hate mongering otaku.

Stop Making Fun Of People Who Watch Dubs

Look your not any better or superior to anyone else just because you watch anime with “subtitles” only. Dubs have gotten much better then they were in the past anyway. If you prefer watching your anime subtitled then so be it, just don’t be a jerk about it. There was a time before DVDs and the internet when I watched anime on VHS, it was dub only. I watched it and I liked it!

Who Cares If Someone Calls Themselves An “Otaku”

Really if someone calls themselves an otaku and you have a problem with it then that’s your problem! If you don’t like the word otaku then don’t use it but please don’t be a jerk about it. What does it matter if someone else calls themselves something you don’t like it has nothing to do with you. Also I still haven’t been able to get a real true straight story on whether or not “otaku” is the dirty of dirtiest words in Japan that some seem to claim that it is.

Stop Thinking Your Better Then Everyone Else Just Because You Watch Old School Anime

You like anime from the 80’s and abhor any recent anime. That is all fine and dandy till you have to make it a point by being a big huge obnoxious jerk about it. I get it that you don’t like the K-ON’s and the Haruhi’s of late but that doesn’t give you the license to put down everyone who doesn’t watch and like what you watch and like.

Moe Isn’t Going Anywhere So Get Over It

It’s time to stop your useless crusades against the “The Dark Spectre of Moe” because it’s not going anywhere. If you don’t like a show don’t watch it! It’s that plain and simple.

Stop Being A Jerk

I guess that all the other points could be summed up with this last one. Don’t be a jerk! Be nice to your fellow fans and treat each other with respect. Let’s all make this year a great year for anime fandom. Let’s all put aside our differences and come closer together.

So with that I wish you all a Happy New Year! Let’s make 2011 the best year ever!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Good resolutions for the new year! It’s important to be respectful of others!


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