September 26, 2017

Macross Frontier – Episode 1

The first episode of Macross Frontier is now out in Japan. There was an earlier promo version of the first episode out with no intro song and different scenes. The broadcast version has a bit more back-story explanation and different scenes. The CG of the space and fight scenes are sleek and detailed as VF fighters fly through space. The big shock for me was the music. Yoko Kanno who is well known for doing the music in shows such as Wolf’s Rain and Macross Plus is also doing the music for Macross Frontier. The only issue I have is we don’t know much about the characters, but its too early in the series to expect. Since this is the first episode, I would like to see how the show evolves in later episodes.


  1. Aya-chan says:

    I need to see this now if Yoko Kanno is doing the music.

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