September 26, 2017

K-ON! Kinetic Typography OP!

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Yes K-On fever has hit Anime Gen! This time it’s the K-On OP given the Kinetic Typography treatment. Kinetic Typography is a really cool effect and there have already been a couple of anime OP’s that have been given the treatment such as Haruhi and ToraDora. I also love the K-On OP song but I like the ED song much more!

Are you absolutly sick of everyone talking about K-On?


  1. Not bad at all, though I wish they could have done more with the text message in the middle. :P

  2. it;s good but i like the Tora Dora one much more

  3. I just love these kinetic typographies. Yui with the castanets at the end was a nice, hilarious touch. Whoever put these together is simply amazing.

  4. silver-snake says:

    aww too bad the video was removed D: wanted to see it

  5. “This video has been removed..”

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-! I havent watched it yet!

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