September 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Hinagiku Katsura!

In honor of Hinagiku’s birthday I thought I would write about why I love her so much. If you’ve listened to the podcast or follow me on twitter you know that I’m totally in love Hinagiku Katsura. If you don’t know Hinagiku is from the anime and manga Hayate no Gotoku or as it’s called in English Hayate the Combat Butler. Trying to think about why I love Hinagiku is hard to explain. I never really finished the first season of the Hayate no Gotoku anime, and just recently started reading the manga.

Most of my experience with Hinagiku has been based on the second season of the anime. So I have to ask myself the question “Benu, why do you like Hinagiku so much?”. I’m not really sure how to answer the question myself. I plan to write a more in depth look at the subject another time analyzing the second season and the specific things that brought me to love her. Hinagiku is an interesting character in that when I saw the first season of Hayate I didn’t really notice her from the start although I do remember liking her a bit.

Then came along the second season of Hayate which I didn’t really plan to watch. I just watched a couple episodes just because. I don’t know really what happened but around episode 4 something changed. Instead of the silly parody anime the last season was, the characters in the show started to become real characters and not characters purely just to be comical, which is what the first season felt like. So to get to the point and stop rambling I think I like Hinagiku as much as I do because she very much reminds me of myself or rather qualities of character that I aspire to have and improve on.

Hina always shows herself to be very responsible and honest and always has the courage to do the right thing and thinks of others before herself. She shows herself to be a strong, confident, and mature person yet at times deep down inside she is struggling with the same feelings and emotions everyone else feels yet she always tries to show herself as a strong woman no matter what. Her true feelings are deep down inside but she is too embarrassed to express her true self and feelings. I don’t think this even really explains everything about my love for Hina but I think it may give you a better understanding about why I like her.

If you like Hinagiku, what is it about her that makes you like her? For those that don’t like Hinagiku, what is it about your favorite character from Hayate that makes you like them? If you don’t have a favorite Hayate character, what is it about your favorite anime character that makes you like them?


  1. Pyrobyte says:

    I like Hina but I kinda lost respect for her when she finally admitted to Ayumu that she has feelings for Hayate but doesn’t have the courage to let Hayate know how she feels. I just feel that Hina does have the courage to tell Hayate how she feels but she is waiting for Hayate to tell her that he likes her, which I don’t think it’s gonna happen since Hayate is such a clueless air head when it comes to those type of things. Oh Hina, what are we going to do with you.

  2. IzumiHaro says:

    I agree with what Pyrobyte says about Hinagiku. Hinagiku told Hayate in episode 4 in the first season that if he doesn’t try and get what he wants once in awhile that he would miss his chance at happiness. She should take her own advice. Although, I like Hinagiku a lot more then Nagi.

  3. PrincessOfXing says:

    I am not a fan of Hinagiku, but for many reasons. One would be the fact that although she has this HUGE crush on Hayate and wants to confess her feelings to him, she’s too scared to. Most of the time when it shows Hinagiku in both the manga and anime it’s about her in love with Hayate, yet she doesn’t make a move to show that she likes him, which makes her an annoying character (in my perspective).

    Personally, Ayumu would be my favourite in the anime and manga. Part of the reason is her humour and she is the opposite of Hinagiku when it comes to confessing love. Even though Hayate shows no sign that he likes Ayumu in front of her, at least she does not give up.

  4. i love hina more than nagi

  5. Chaitach says:

    Dude we r same although I am commenting this long after hinagiku’s birthday, just want to say that I too love her personality soo much I never thought there would be some one out there too that loves her personality badly. BTW this might sound kiddish but I dream that I would one day create my dream come true by building nagi’s mansion and find all of the characters in real life I mean there must be someone who has similar characteristic like in the anime.

  6. I don’t know about you guys but i really love hinagiku.Well there are many reason for that one of it is every time I see her at hakou school too see that she is kind,beautiful,smart and awesome at almost anything.It’s makes me want to be just like her although it is impossible I still what to be like her.Before I watch hayate no gotoku I always playing around and I always hate studying but after I watch hayate no gotoku I studying about 4 hours a day because she studying 6 solid hours.I started jogging at 7 am but she jogging at 5 am.After seeing her I realise that I want to be like her.No,I need to be like her.My point is she changed my life and I’m really grateful to and that’s why I will always love her.GO GO HINAGIKU YAY. :D

  7. I love Hinagiku . My dream is wedding with Hinagiku

  8. justin william taruna 5 says:

    I love Hinagiku. My dream is wedding with hinagiku. Happy birthday Hinagiku .I love you for ever!

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