September 26, 2017

Gurren Lagann Goes Jazz!

I can’t get enough of this awesome cover of Sorairo Days the Gurren Lagann opening song by Tokyo Brass Style. I think it’s awesome and the band is great as well. Anyone else know of some cool covers of anime songs or have heard of Tokyo Brass Style before?


  1. hey dude this is pretty friken sweet not to mention cute asian women playing saxophones is just hot

  2. I do believe, that bought a tear to my eyes. God! Gurren Lagann was such a magical show!

  3. *googles Tokyo Brass Style*

    No Wikipedia article, dang it. They appear to have done a cover of the DragonBall opening:

    Anybody have more extensive info?

  4. Hey, that is pretty excellent!

    I saw a jazz cover of a Touhou song the other day. Let me see if I can find what I did with it.

  5. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this band. Thanks for the post! It’s a bit weird how many covers they do, but they’re enthusiastic, at least. ^_^

  6. youtube deleted it.

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