September 26, 2017

Five Phrases Highly Offensive To Many Anime Fans

So if you are new to anime or are already a seasoned fan here are five phrases that are sure to stir up controversy no matter what anime fans you talk to on the internet. If you are looking to avoid controversy, hate mail, or just plain drama pay attention to this list.

5.”I’m an Otaku!”

Believe it or not there are many out there who totally snap if you dare call yourself an otaku or even try to call them one. This is another never ending debate. Because otaku has had a bad connotation in Japan many believe fans shouldn’t be referring to themselves by such a derogatory term as they see it. If you call yourself an otaku you are in for a world of hurt. So please just say no to calling yourself or others an otaku.

4.”I like dubs!”

Be prepared to be railed on by everyone and anyone if you happen to like dubs. If you don’t know the majority of anime fans are stuck up snobs who prefer the original Japanese voice track with English subtitles over anything else. Some may even go to the point of watching anime with the original Japanese voice track without English subtitles even though they don’t know Japanese! Those that take it to that extreme feel that even the English subtitles are localized and edited so much that it’s better to watch it the way it was meant to be watched, even if they can’t understand what is going on. Everyone knows real anime fans watch anime raw and uncut with no dubs or English subtitles!

3. “I watch fansubs!”

If you even mention that you have watched one fansub in your entire life prepared to be taken out back, beaten, and tarred and feathered! Then you will become El Pollo Diablo!!!!! Then you will be hauled off to the worst prison of all…NERD PRISON!!!

2. “I like moe!”

Do not under any circumstances make your opinion known to the masses that you like moe! You will be labeled as a creepy pedophile who can’t deal with real girls! Either that or you will just be labeled as just plain weird, then everyone will tell you that moe is killing the anime industry and your kind is not welcome around real anime fans. Then they will chase you into the town square with shotguns, torches, and pitchforks where they will tie you to a plank and set you on fire!

1.”I disagree with your opinion.”

If you want to really be controversial just disagree with everyone and anyone’s opinion. You will get so much hate mail, people will block you on twitter, they will leave nasty blog comments on your blog, and they will throw rocks through your window!


  1. Man, the only thing that sets me off on this list is #5. What’s the big deal if someone “likes dubs” or “watches fansubs”? Maybe I’m not hardcore enough, dawg.

    Also #1 is just a one-way ticket to fighting with anyone, anime fan or otherwise :S

  2. I find this article to be highly offensive. I have called myself an Otaku many times over the years, and I am quite proud of it. I started out watching dubbed anime on TV. I’ve just started watching fansubs, too, and I enjoy it! I do admit I’m not /that/ into moe, though I love K-On and I’m sure others that can be classified as ‘moe’ that I don’t know are moe. And of course, I obviously disagree with your opinions listed above.

    Now with all of that said, you can find people that spout the very things you have listed above in the #fredrin channel on Justin.TV. So don’t mind me, I’m just picking on you and the people that actually approve of the opinions you listed above. I know you’re not one of them, which is why you’re posting this. I have heard you many times in your podcasts and read on your Twitter that you’re an Otaku, like moe, enjoy fansubs, like dubs, and disagree with people’s opinions. Actually, I’m a little unsure about the last two. :>P

  3. So what’s his take on this if he doesn’t feel the same way? If I may, say a few things about each number …

    I might get annoyed for the reason given “It’s got a negative connotation in Japan” but everyone and their grandma will call themselves one after watching a few shows. It’s vexing to hear people rant about it, but you really have to question if they’re actually “obsessed” or going through a phase. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    hint:Normally, it’s douchebag teens that wander around labeling themselves otaku

    The crowd who normally throws a bitch-fit at this statement is normally the crowd who also calls themselves otaku after watching 5 or 6 shows. They get pretty convinced that everyone else who isn’t watching it in “ORIGINAL FORMAT JAP DUB” is a friggin’ poser.
    And in the case that there is a seasoned person out there who cares enough to yell at people for watching dubs…I say “so what” We know english dub quality matters from show to show anyway.

    I don’t get it. This where I got confused…I’m pretty sure every anime fan watches fan subs at one point or another.

    lol. All I can think of is “Great.” Someone who’s upfront about it rather than dicking around the bush and denying it is alot worse than a straightforward person.

    I stand by what I said originally

  4. But but but… I DO like dubs…

  5. How dare you say that? I will now camp out in your comments section for weeks and fail to intelligently articulate my cause, while disagreeing with you vehemently.

    Also, I will flame you and call you names, while referring to you as “unprofessional” if you do the same in reply, because I am too enamored of my views to grasp the silliness of a double standard.

  6. Hmm…

    5.”I’m an Otaku!”

    Hmm… I kinda find that true, but then given my impression of it as a guy term, I usually prefer anime fan. I wrote about my opinions of it several years ago.

    4.”I like dubs!”

    Ugh.. how can you stand that? Have you heard how bad Tamaki was in Ouran dubbed? Many of the American vocie actors I don’t know much about… but yeah I really don’t like to watch dubbed.

    3. “I watch fansubs!”


    2. “I like moe!”

    To each their own. I like my own brand of fandoms.

    1.”I disagree with your opinion.”

    Probably.. but then I would either not talk to you, or talk about another thing.


    So sad cause it’s so true. Such an elitist society. Can’t we all just get along? :3

  8. Hey, I disagree with your opinion because you used an unflattering image of Hinagiku here! /rage

    Something about the word “otaku” just feels weird in your mouth.

    *tosses a rock through your window on the way out of the comment section*

  9. 5.”I’m an Otaku!”
    Kill yourself

    4.”I like dubs!”
    Kill yourself

    3. “I watch fansubs!”
    Oh, I do too! Fansubs are cool. *goes into long winding diatribe on the state of the American licensing industry and how fans should feel no guilt watching fansubs*

    2. “I like moe!”
    I do, too. *hi5*

    1.”I disagree with your opinion.”
    I am sorry, I have to declare you wrong about anime on the internet.

  10. I like moe a lot too. I don’t have a problem with it in anime, and I don’t necessarily feel that anime should always reflect real life, nor do I expect real life to be like anime.

  11. I’m not sure which is funnier, the post, or the people who are trying to respond to it seriously.

    As for anyone who finds this comment offensive, we will settle this with the sport of gentlemen. Tiddlywinks at dawn!

  12. you take this so seriously XD
    It’s true, when I hear someone say “I’m an otaku!” with so much pride it’s kind of annoying, because Otaku DOES mean a total freak in Japan, and is an offensive thing to say to someone there, too… so taking pride in that seems weird for me.

    “I like dubs!”
    well, this is one’s obvious, no one likes dubbed stuff, not even movies.

    “I watch fansub!”*
    *snort* “Fansub” isn’t something you can watch, because you’re watching an anime… Fansubs are, as the name explain, a certain group of fans that translates and sub anime for other fans. You don’t watch fansubs, you may follow or like a fansub, but definitively not WATCH it.

    “I like moe!”
    I would find this annoying, but not ofensive… and only if someone who doesn’t even know what moe means would say it. Otherwise, it’s pretty common to like moe… I don’t, but 80% of people who watches anime lately does.

    #1, as someone said earlier, is picking a fight with anyone, not just anime fans. And it’s not offensive, it’s annoying, especially when they keep saying it after everything you say.

    So… people that are OFFENDED by this, grow up. Maybe you’re offended because you take things too seriously, or you just started watching anime and you’re super excited about it!

    Anyway, either this is an elite society or not I wouldn’t know… I like anime, but saying it to every ******* person I meet in life is just stupid, and taking pride about this is, too. It’s a hobby people, no one’s gonna make a life out of watching anime and liking moe.

  13. deigaman says:

    I like dubs. Seriously, I do. I watch Anime for good art and an interesting story. Hearing it in English doesn’t kill it for me. I find subtitles to be distracting and following them hurts my eyes.

    I also believe watching a show dubbed in English is more akin to experiencing Anime the way the original creator intended. First off, your eyes are focused on what’s on the screen, not what’s on the bottom. Second, humor and jokes translate better for me when it’s changed into something that I can relate to more culturally. Case-In-Point: Crayon Shin-Chan.

    I watch Japanese dubs too (usually fansubbed), but if I can watch a show with high quality English VO talent, I’ll tend to watch it that way. This goes especially with shows that have settings that aren’t necessarily Japan, or if the original Japanese dub features way too much Engrish for me to enjoy it. (Cough cough BECK cough cough)

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