October 22, 2018

Episode 7 – Irrationally In Love With Hinagiku


Striking back like the empire, it’s the long awaited 7th episode in the epic season 3 saga of the Anime Genesis Podcast! We have a great line up of co-hosts for this episode which include Jimmy Blocksom freelance blogger at GosuGamers, Anime Vice, Orange Lounge Radio, and Project Lore, Johnny (a.k.a. Hontaiyo), Sean Russell of Anime 3000, and last but not least your host as always Benu! We run through some news and we take on the topics of Anime Music Being A Novelty, The Use Of The Word Otaku, and Hayate no Gotoku!



  1. Is this the long-awaited Philosophy of Hinagiku entry? Let’s see.

  2. @moritheil: This is not the long-awaited Philosophy of Hinagiku entry. That’s coming later. Some reasons for why I like Hinagiku are discussed on this episode of the podcast though.

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