October 22, 2018

Episode 6 – Anime Expo 2009


The long awaited Anime Expo episode is here! Benu and Dancing Queen from How A Girl Figures disscuss the epic happenings of the biggest con of the season! They talk about all the crazy things that happened, the guests, the panels, the excitement and more!

Here’s a video of Dancing Queen Singing at the Macross Frontier Cosplay Gathering!

Here is a report on The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour from The Fan’s POV!

You can also now see The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour in it’s entirety!

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  1. dork at large says:

    Pretty good episode. Your con coverage was quite detailed.

    Benu, I remember that you discussed a PS3 game called Agarest War a while ago. It seems that a company called Aksys Games is planning to translate it, and release it as a paid download only. You can find more news about this on RPGamer.

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