September 26, 2017

Episode 2 – Leave Aya Hirano Alone!

Benu is back and ready to rock! In this episode of Anime Genesis, Benu explains why there hasn’t been an episode in awhile and tells a story about a flaming garage. Then Benu runs through the weekly news, makes some predictions for Anime Expo 2008, and finishes up by reading your comments and feedback.

Show Notes


David Hayter To Be At Anime Expo 2008

Crunchyroll Gets $4.05 Million In Capital, American Anime Industry Freaks Out

People Are Hating On Aya Hirano

How can you hate Aya after watching this video!

Aya Hirano Wins Seiyuu Award

The Anime Roundtable Podcast

Anime Expo 2008 Predictions

Blog Comments, Feedback, And Question Of The Week

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  1. Actually, you are right that Dattebayo shouldn’t impose any authorities towards the community because they don’t own Naruto. Actually, Dattebayo is doing this so they won’t be sued for subbing Naruto and Bleach, well that’s what they said. Dattebayo is doing this for free and a little authority from them doesn’t really hurt at all.

    I’m not a fan of Aya Hirano, but I will think twice before making any definite comments about her without actually know what I’m saying.
    I personally think that she’s currently doing a fine job and she’s an amazing singer. Aya Hirano has a great future and I’m interested about what she is going to do in the future :).

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