September 26, 2017

Episode 1 – Anime Genesis Awards 2007

Did Haruhi Win?

Anime Genesis makes it’s glorious return for 2008! In this episode of Anime Genesis Benu reads your comments in response to episode 62 and also reads Justin Sevakis’ interesting response to writing/podcasting about his open letter which showed up on the ANN forums. Also Benu takes a look back at the best of 2007 with the first ever Anime Genesis Awards and crowns the series of the year and the first ever podcast of the year and more.

Show Notes

Justin Sevakis’ ANN Forum Post

Anime Genesis Awards


Series Of The Year
Winner: The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
Runner Up: Lucky Star

Movie Of The Year
Winner: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Runner Up: None

Character Of The Year

Winner: Haruhi Suzumiya
Runner Up: Konata Izumi

Voice Actor/Actress Of The Year

Winner: Aya Hirano
Runner Up: None

Studio Of The Year
Winner: Kyoto Animation
Runner Up: None

Director Of The Year
Winner: Tatsuya Ishihara
Runner Up: None

American Company Of The Year
Winner: Geneon USA
Runner Up: Bandai Entertainment

Surprise Licensing Announcement Of The Year
Winner: Lucky Star
Runner Up: Kanon (2006)

Podcast Of The Year
Winner: Anime Diet Radio
Runner Up: Anime Pacific

Blog Of The Year
Winner: An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla
Runner Up: Hop Step Jump!

Webcomic Of The Year
Winner: Mistakes Of Youth
Runner Up: None



  1. Patrick Macias says:

    I like your style!

  2. Wow, thanks. Ditto on what Patrick said.

  3. (o_O)? It figures Anime Diet would win an award. They really put in a lot of hard work in what they do, which kind of makes me anvy them. My hats off to them. Good job!

    I’m surprised that in 13 years that I have been writing and producing radio shows for Sailor Moon Classics NET Radio, I have never won anything.

    Series Of The Year, I think it should have went to the Japanese Anime, “Noien” Now that is a great anime. it was well worth the $70 dollars for the complete DVD set.

    It’s in both Japanes and English Dub and Sub.

    Voice Actor/Actress Of The Year: My vote is with, “Horie Yui” and, “Megumi Hayashibara” These two are hot looking, sing great, and have cute Anime voices.

    American Company Of The Year: Bandai Entertainment, Oh god I wont even go there.

    Movie Of The Year: My vote is with, “Final Fantasy The Movie – the spirits within” and “Final Fantasy VII Advent Children” Now this Anime was off the hook.

    To bad you don’t have one on best Hentai film, because I can name a few good ones worth seeing.


  4. Opp’ that should have been “Noein”

  5. Fantastic episode, I do like the longer episode format better, I must admit.

    Thanks for your kind words, I’ll certainly have to check out Anime-Diet radio, which I have yet to do.

    When are you going to release darn promo, son!?

  6. Oh yes, thanks for the “runner up” award!

    Yes; Very exciting!

  7. I was about to mention Paprika as Film of the Year worthy, but then I realized it came out in 2006! Where did 2007 go?

    Best wishes for Anime Genesis in 08, Cutie :)

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