October 21, 2017

Episode 04 – Fourth Anniversary Special Part 1

It’s finally here the epic first part of the Anime Genesis Fourth Anniversary Special! Clocking in at over two hours, Benu takes you on a trip down memory lane to relive some of the greatest moments of Anime Genesis in it’s early years. Featuring special messages from Mike Dent of R5 Central, Mike of Anime Diet, Sean and Andrew of Anime 3000, Meson of Toon Radio, Nam of Anime Pulp, BakaTanuki of The Gaming Dungeon, and Rangiku of Anime Pulse. Also Featuring many more special celebrity guests!

If you didn’t get a submission in for this part of the anniversary special I am now accepting submissions for the second part! Please send your mp3 submissions to: animegen@gmail.com



  1. You know why there’s no special message from AWO? CAUSE YOU DIDN’T EMAIL US, POOPER.

    Oh sure, you probably said something about it on Twitter, which both Gerald and Clarissa have. But I don’t have it, and they never mentioned it. SO THAT’S HOW MUCH THEY LOVE YOU.

    Oh sure, I would probably take you to task for these outlandish “four year anniversary” “longest running anime podcast” claims if we were to record something anyway. Where’s the download links and all the shows between 1 and 30-whatever? Didn’t you learn after all these years that podcasts are eternal, HUH MR…GUY?! And that was a whole different show in the first place! Oh well, you’re raking it in with your Crunchyroll millions now anyway. Play your cards right and you’ll have Netflix and Navy millions too!

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