September 26, 2017

Deleting pirated anime from the interbutt? It’s aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwright!

I was shocked to see today that ADV’s The Anime Network had a twitter account. I wasn’t shocked because they just had a twitter account. I was shocked by some of the tweets that were written on the account. I really do hope that this is a fake account by someone pretending to be an ADV employee, or someone hacked the account. If this is really an ADV employee writing these tweets, ADV has some explaning to do!

Do you think the twitter account is legit or fake? If it happens to be legit what do you think of ADV for having an employee that would write stuff like that?


  1. Wow. o_o That’s kind of ridiculous. I think it might be an ADV employee having fun behind his/her boss’s back. I wouldn’t believe that it’s legit; that kind of stuff is just bad PR.

  2. It’s legit. I want Anime Newtork 24/7 not VOD and the Online Player. It’s too bad now this sucks.

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