October 22, 2018

Conan O’Brien Dubs Anime!


In this hillarious video Conan O’Brien visits Bang Zoom Studios and dubs some scenes from Ghost In The Shell. If you haven’t seen it yet watch it! I would love to see Conan and Andy do some real dubbing for anime though.

Should Conan O’Brien Dub Anime For Real?


  1. Wow that was a different look at Conan O’Brien. Not too surprising that he was some what good at it. He did work on the Simpsons for a while. I think if you sat Conan and Andy down to watch some good anime they’ll be fans in now time.

    Thanks for sharing the vid!

  2. LOL that was the best! xDD

  3. For some reason, this kind of bothers me? It actually angers me a little to see them doing voice overs. Oh well, i’m sure its just me and I did laugh so it’s all good =3


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