October 22, 2018

Anime Expo 2009: Yosuke Kuroda, Seiji Mizushima, and Yun Kouga Interview

Benu got the chance at Anime Expo 2009 to interview Yosuke Kuroda, Seiji Mizushima, and Yun Kouga. They are the creative minds behind Gundam 00.


Episode 1 – Con Funk Moe Characters Who Think Their Pikachu

The Anime Gen podcast is back to kick off season four of the show! On this episode we have Dancing Queen of How A Girl Figures, Freelance Blogger Jimmy Blocksom, Jon Ingoglia of JanaiBlog, and Daniel Wong. We take on the topics of “moe” friend or foe, things we hate and/or love about fandom, and characters we love and/or hate.

Anime Gen is celebrating its 5th anniversary on Feb. 18th! If you want to send in a sound clip to play on the show send an mp3 to animegen@gmail.com before Feb. 17th!


Episode 7 – Irrationally In Love With Hinagiku


Striking back like the empire, it’s the long awaited 7th episode in the epic season 3 saga of the Anime Genesis Podcast! We have a great line up of co-hosts for this episode which include Jimmy Blocksom freelance blogger at GosuGamers, Anime Vice, Orange Lounge Radio, and Project Lore, Johnny (a.k.a. Hontaiyo), Sean Russell of Anime 3000, and last but not least your host as always Benu! We run through some news and we take on the topics of Anime Music Being A Novelty, The Use Of The Word Otaku, and Hayate no Gotoku!


Anime Expo 2009: Kari Wahlgren Interview

Benu got the chance at Anime Expo 2009 this year to chat with the talented Kari Wahlgren! Best known for her role as the English voice of Haruko Haruhara in FLCL.


Episode 6 – Anime Expo 2009


The long awaited Anime Expo episode is here! Benu and Dancing Queen from How A Girl Figures disscuss the epic happenings of the biggest con of the season! They talk about all the crazy things that happened, the guests, the panels, the excitement and more!

Here’s a video of Dancing Queen Singing at the Macross Frontier Cosplay Gathering!

Here is a report on The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour from The Fan’s POV!

You can also now see The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour in it’s entirety!

Remember that we do want to hear from you! So leave your comments below or send your comments to animegen@gmail.com


Episode 5 – Anime Expo 2009 Pre-show


Anime Gen returns to give you the low down on Anime Expo 2009! Benu and Dancing Queen of How A Girl Figures ramble on about Anime Expo 2009 and what they are looking forward to this year, the amazing guests, and The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour! They also talk about some news and why you should go to The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour! Ok to be honest this whole show is really about why you should go to The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour! Grab your Ipods or other portable media device because Anime Gen is back!


The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour Video Promo!

Here is the video promo for The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour coming up at Anime Expo! Go here for more info on the panel. Also if you would be so kind as to post this promo and make mention of the panel on your site  it would be much appreciated. If you post it on your site let me know! Thanks, and see you at the panel!


The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour

otakucomedyIf you missed Anime Genesis & Anime Diet Live and Anime Genesis & How A Girl Figures Live don’t miss out this year as Anime Gen, Anime Diet, and How A Girl Figures join forces to bring you The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour! Featuring Benu, Dancing Queen, Mike, Jeremy, and Ray! With special musical guests Makenai! It’s all taking place at Anime Expo 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center! The panel begins at 9am in LP3 on Saturday, July 4th! We also have tons of awesome prizes to give away. I have some awesome prizes if your into Transformers, Star Wars, and even Indiana Jones! There are also other awesome anime and gaming related prizes up for grabs! Mark this down on your Anime Expo schedules now! This is one panel you don’t want to miss! Tell all your freinds!

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