October 22, 2018

A Short Look Behind The Scenes Of Hatsune Miku MAGICAL MIRAI 2013


This is a pretty cool but extremely short video that takes a small look behind the scenes of the Hatsune Miku MAGICAL MIRAI 2013 Concert to be held in Yokohama, Japan this Saturday. From what is seen in the video it looks like a clear screen which Miku and friends 3D image will be projected onto will be used similar to the Miku no Hi Kanshasai 39’s Giving Day Concert held in Japan as well as 2011’s Mikunopolis concert at Anime Expo 2011 held in Los Angeles which is the best way to experience Miku live! If you are not in Japan, Live Viewing Japan is hosting a delayed broadcast of the concert at theaters around the world!

As far as the US it looks like the only screenings will be in LA and New York. At the time of writing this the screening at the Downtown Independent in LA for this Saturday, August 31st  is sold out sadly. But if you live in the New York area it looks like there are still tickets left for the screening at the Anthology Film Archives in New York. Check out this page for more details on where all the screenings will be held.

Are you attending one of the screenings or are you lucky enough to actually be attending the concert live in Japan?! Let me know in the comments down below!

Anime Expo 2012 – ANIMETAL USA


Are you ready for Anime Expo 2013? While we prepare for Anime Expo 2013 that will soon be upon us let’s take a look back at Anime Expo 2012. We had the chance to sit down with the awesome anime metal cover band ANIMETAL USA for a chat. They talked about their favorite anime and anime music, what it was like to play with JAM Project, and they send a message to all the fans!


Anime Expo 2010: Megumi Nakajima & May’n Live In Concert!

Megumi Nakajima & May’n rocked the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles during Anime Expo 2010! Check out a video excerpt below of May’n performing live! Also check out the pictures below the video of May’n, Megumi Nakajima, and special surprise guest the legendary composer Yoko Kanno! It was one amazing show!

May’n is the singing voice of Sheryl Nome and Megumi Nakajima is the singing voice and voice actress of Ranka Lee both in the anime series Macross Frontier.

*Photography and Video by Benu


Anime Expo 2010 – AX 2010 Coverage Preview

Didn’t make it to Anime Expo this year? No problem! Anime Genesis was there! We are bringing AX 2010 straight to you! This is just a little taste of what is in store! Anime Gen is bringing you the concerts, the guests, the panels, the excitement!


Anime Genesis Podcast: Episode 2 – It’s A “Benu” Show!

It’s time to get “Benu” or get the hell out! It’s Anime Genesis episode two for season four! This episode is over eight thousand as Benu and Dancing Queen respond to a voicemail sent by Phillip from Eeepers Choice, talk about their experience at the DELICIOUS BUMP SHOW!! at which the pillows played, and Benu does his review of Dragon Ball Z Kai Part One! Benu and Dancing Queen also make some special announcements for Anime Expo 2010!

Show Notes

DVD Review: Dragon Ball Z Kai Part One

Final Verdict: B – Excellent!

Check Out Some Screen Caps From DBZ Kai!

Check Out Dancing Queen’s Video Of The Pillows On Her Site Here!

Announcements For Anime Expo 2010!

The Indecent Otaku Comedy Show With Special Guest Danny Choo!

New Time And Place!

When: Saturday, July 3rd 2010 – Day 3

Where: Nokia Plaza

Seating Starts at 12:30 pm

Show Starts at 1:00 pm

The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour returns to Anime Expo 2010 as The Indecent Otaku Comedy Show with special guest Danny Choo! Please note the place and time change above! We hope to see you there!

Habits Of Successful Anime Podcasting & Blogging

Benu will also be speaking at Anime Expo 2010 on the Habits Of Successful Anime Podcasting & Blogging. If you want to learn how to take your podcast and/or blog to the next level and learn it from Benu himself don’t miss it!

When: Sunday, July 4 2010 – Day 4

Where: LP3 – LACC 515A

Time: 11:00 am

Stay tuned to the Anime Expo website for the latest info!

Music Played During The Show

Supergene – Big In Japan

UNISON SQUARE GARDEN – about water and rain

MC Gold Lightan – Benu Sensation (As heard on the Anime Pacific Podcast: Episode 89)

Special thanks to Dancing Queen and Danny Choo for the opening show bumper!

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Also send your voice mail mp3’s to: animegen(at)gmail(dot)com

Disclaimer: A copy of the anime reviewed on this podcast was sent to Anime Genesis by Funimation Entertainment for review purposes.


AKB48 Is Coming To Anime Expo 2010!

It’s that time of year again and Anime Expo 2010 is almost here with only 62 more days till the biggest anime and manga convention around! It looks to be another huge year for AX as they are bringing in some monumental guests this year. AX just announced that AKB48 the hugely popular Japanese pop supergroup with be guests of honor and this year’s convention. They will be performing at the Nokia Theater as well as taking part in panels, meet and greets, and autograph sessions. You can check out the full press release here.

AKB48 is not the only huge guest coming to AX this year. Check out the list of names below of all the guests that have been announced so far.

Yuu Asakawa
Kyle Hebert
Tomohiko Ishii
Kenji Kamiyama
Toshihiro Kawamoto
Katsuyuki Konishi
Satoru Nakamura
Shinichi “Nabeshin” Watanabe

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The band behind the music of the hit Gainax anime FLCL (Fooly Cooly) are coming to California for two shows in May! The pillows will also be bringing along three Japanese bands from their own record label “DELICIOUS LABEL” that will be opening for them. It’s going to be a great night of Japanese music with the pillows, noodles, monokuro, and POP CHOCOLAT! This mini California tour has been named ” DELICIOUS BUMP SHOW!! In California”. On May 21st the tour will be in San Francisco at Slim’s and on May 23rd in Pomona at the Glasshouse. I will be going to the show at the Glasshouse on May 23rd. This looks to be the only trip the pillows will be making to the US this year so far, so if your in California don’t miss it! For more info and where to buy tickets check out the flyer above or check out the tour website here. I also have included four videos of the bands that you can check out below.

???????? Lo-Fi Tech -short ver. –

POP CHOCOLAT | MySpace Music Videos

noodles / Bond

noodles | MySpace Music Videos

Episode 7 – Irrationally In Love With Hinagiku


Striking back like the empire, it’s the long awaited 7th episode in the epic season 3 saga of the Anime Genesis Podcast! We have a great line up of co-hosts for this episode which include Jimmy Blocksom freelance blogger at GosuGamers, Anime Vice, Orange Lounge Radio, and Project Lore, Johnny (a.k.a. Hontaiyo), Sean Russell of Anime 3000, and last but not least your host as always Benu! We run through some news and we take on the topics of Anime Music Being A Novelty, The Use Of The Word Otaku, and Hayate no Gotoku!


Anime Gen Interviews VAMPS!

VAMPS1Anime Gen was able to get an interview with HYDE and K.A.Z.’s new band VAMPS who are currently touring the US. HYDE is best know for being the vocalist of L’Arc~en~Ciel and K.A.Z. is best know for being the lead guitarist of Oblivion Dust. Anime Gen was able to ask them a couple questions about the band, their musical influences and styles, and what they are looking forward to on the US tour.

Anime Gen: How did you come to choose the name VAMPS?

HYDE: It’s from vampire. I like mysterious women, too [laugh]. I love vampires. I’m intrigued by its never-ending life. I like horror.

Anime Gen: Do you think that VAMPS differs musically from anything else you have done before?

HYDE: I think I am making the music that I used to dream of making in my teens. When I started the band, I liked hard-core bands with some horror taste. I feel like I am expressing the stuff I felt back then—maybe not really hard core.

Anime Gen: Who are some of your musical influences?

HYDE: Probably, Mötley Crüe.

K.A.Z.: I used to watch and got inspired by King Crimson, Cheap Trick, and TOTO.

Anime Gen: What message do you want people to take away from your music?

HYDE: We made the album that includes songs used effectively in our lives—many songs that create excitement in lives and a couple of songs that the audience can listen to rest a little bit.

VAMPSap1Anime Gen: Do you compose the music first or do you write the lyrics first or a little of both when you write songs?

HYDE: K.A.Z. plays the guitar and I do the singing.

Anime Gen: Hyde, I read an interview with you awhile back when you released your solo album Faith, that you were trying to do spiritual rock. Will there be elements of this in any VAMPS music?

HYDE: There is not much difference from my solo album “FAITH,” in terms of musical pieces, but we created music especially for cool lives as VAMPS, so we have a lineup of good live songs.

Anime Gen: What is your biggest inspiration for writing songs?

HYDE: We consider how to involve the audience into our songs.

K.A.Z.: We both went through the golden age of Rock n’ Roll in the 80s and 90s, so we have absorbed various tastes. I think we created our own mixture by going though that era.

Anime Gen: What are you looking forward to the most during the American tour?

HYDE: I’m excited to visit cites for the first time and try new things. First of all, I look forward to lives in front of the American audience. Our objective is to show that we have such a cool band in Japan, even more amazing band than American ones. There is no point of doing the same things that American bands are doing. I believe our band will be appreciated—judging from my own sensibility.

Anime Gen: Do you have anything you would like to say to the American fans?

HYDE: Can’t wait to see you. Wait for a little bit more; I will bite your neck!

K.A.Z.: Let’s have a fun party!

Check out the offical website for VAMPS here for more info on the US tour and where you can see them live!

The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour

otakucomedyIf you missed Anime Genesis & Anime Diet Live and Anime Genesis & How A Girl Figures Live don’t miss out this year as Anime Gen, Anime Diet, and How A Girl Figures join forces to bring you The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour! Featuring Benu, Dancing Queen, Mike, Jeremy, and Ray! With special musical guests Makenai! It’s all taking place at Anime Expo 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center! The panel begins at 9am in LP3 on Saturday, July 4th! We also have tons of awesome prizes to give away. I have some awesome prizes if your into Transformers, Star Wars, and even Indiana Jones! There are also other awesome anime and gaming related prizes up for grabs! Mark this down on your Anime Expo schedules now! This is one panel you don’t want to miss! Tell all your freinds!

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