September 26, 2017

BayTSP Sending Cease & Desist’s To Downloaders Of Queen’s Blade


If you have downloaded Queen’s Blade recently using Bit Torrent, you might be getting a Cease & Desist from your ISP. Anime News reports that people in the US have been getting Cease & Desist letters from their ISP’s from BayTSP acting on behalf of Media Factory, Inc. This is not the first time this has happened as not long ago, BayTSP was also acting on behalf of Aniplex and had ISP’s sending out Cease & Desist as well. BayTSP was also involved in the whole Odex situation awhile back as well. This is interesting because it seems like it’s a new company every time this happens, and these are the Japanese companies taking action against fansub downloaders.

This seems to be happening more and more recently. More companies in Japan may also jump on the BayTSP bandwagon and start taking action as well. While no one is being sued like Odex was doing or the RIAA, ISP’s are threatening to shut off your connection if they receive more then one of these Cease & Desist letters from BayTSP. As more legal alternatives and simulcasts become more frequent, and the more Japanese companies become active in protecting their content, the more likely it is that the days of fansubs are numbered.

Have you got a Cease & Desist from BayTSP? Are you worried about getting a Cease & Desist now? Do you think the days of fansubs are finally numbered?

Source: Anime News


  1. A lot of legal streams are available only in North America. People watch anime all around the world. As long as this doesn’t change fansubs (or rips of legal material) will continue to exist.

  2. Queen’s Blade looks awful anyway, so the people watching it probably deserve to punished.

  3. I got one from my ISP too for Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ LMAO

  4. I’ve downloaded a ton of QB raws and nothing has happened-but bring it on!! I’m ready, willing and able to fight em’.


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