October 22, 2018

Anime Genesis Podcast: Episode 2 – It’s A “Benu” Show!

It’s time to get “Benu” or get the hell out! It’s Anime Genesis episode two for season four! This episode is over eight thousand as Benu and Dancing Queen respond to a voicemail sent by Phillip from Eeepers Choice, talk about their experience at the DELICIOUS BUMP SHOW!! at which the pillows played, and Benu does his review of Dragon Ball Z Kai Part One! Benu and Dancing Queen also make some special announcements for Anime Expo 2010!

Show Notes

DVD Review: Dragon Ball Z Kai Part One

Final Verdict: B – Excellent!

Check Out Some Screen Caps From DBZ Kai!

Check Out Dancing Queen’s Video Of The Pillows On Her Site Here!

Announcements For Anime Expo 2010!

The Indecent Otaku Comedy Show With Special Guest Danny Choo!

New Time And Place!

When: Saturday, July 3rd 2010 – Day 3

Where: Nokia Plaza

Seating Starts at 12:30 pm

Show Starts at 1:00 pm

The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour returns to Anime Expo 2010 as The Indecent Otaku Comedy Show with special guest Danny Choo! Please note the place and time change above! We hope to see you there!

Habits Of Successful Anime Podcasting & Blogging

Benu will also be speaking at Anime Expo 2010 on the Habits Of Successful Anime Podcasting & Blogging. If you want to learn how to take your podcast and/or blog to the next level and learn it from Benu himself don’t miss it!

When: Sunday, July 4 2010 – Day 4

Where: LP3 – LACC 515A

Time: 11:00 am

Stay tuned to the Anime Expo website for the latest info!

Music Played During The Show

Supergene – Big In Japan

UNISON SQUARE GARDEN – about water and rain

MC Gold Lightan – Benu Sensation (As heard on the Anime Pacific Podcast: Episode 89)

Special thanks to Dancing Queen and Danny Choo for the opening show bumper!

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Disclaimer: A copy of the anime reviewed on this podcast was sent to Anime Genesis by Funimation Entertainment for review purposes.



  1. TsundereHunter says:

    Hi guys! I loved the podcast! That guy in the voice mail had some interesting points but it was a bit to long I think. Sounds like you guys are doing some awesome things for anime expo! I wish I could go! I loved the show though! Keep up the great work!

  2. SaberYuki says:

    That voice mail was too long! The rest of the show was good though and I totally agree with the points Dancing Queen and Benu made about moe. I for one don’t think moe is harming anime at all and the people who think so are idiots! All the moe haters just need to be quiet and stop watching a show if they don’t like it!

  3. dork at large says:

    Eeper had a lot to say. My responses to him are…

    1. It’s easy to look back at the past and say “things were a lot better back then.” The term for that (to borrow from TVTropes) is nostalgia filter. People tend to remember the good material, and forgot all the terrible and embarrassing stuff. Especially if they were young at the time.

    Sure, there were a lot of great shows and movies in the 1980s — Gunbuster, Laputa, Ranma, and so on. But for every good show, there’s at least ten awful ones (that’s what we call Sturgeon’s Law). Anyone sat through Dog Soldier lately? How about Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight? And in the 80s, there were very-not-safe-for-work series such as Cream Lemon and Overfiend, which embarrassed many anime/manga fans.

    Here’s an analogy — I’m a video game fanboy, and as such, I’m quite aware that some of my fellow fans are scared about casual fans entering fandom, and companies’ attempts to market products to them. They seem worried that the games they like are not given all the attention, and they seem angry that the definition of video games is expanding. I don’t have many nice things to say to those fans. It’s a good idea to accept that video games can be more than serious 3D action games. And it’s a good idea to accept that “non-hardcore” fans can like video games.

    2. I can assure you that some of the entertainment which I think is clean, other people will consider shocking, or completely inappropriate. The opposite is also true — things which are inoffensive in Poland or Brazil may be deeply insulting in my country, or maybe even illegal. This is called values dissonance (again, another term I borrowed from TVTropes). And over time, values change. So let’s be frank… just about any form of entertainment can be offensive.

    Also, international adaptations happen, and they’re usually different from the original. They’re rarely not-safe-for-work… but they but don’t always succeed. While there is no moe version of Rugrats, there was an anime TV series take on Powerpuff Girls, and a Lilo and Stitch spinoff (“Stitch! Itazura Alien no Daibouken”). And when I was at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009, I learned about the history of Japanese adaptations of western classics (Anna of Green Gables, Daddy Longlegs, and many more).

    Finally, western adaptations of Japanese series are just as different, and not necessarily better or worse. Few people liked the live action movies of Guyver and Fist of the North Star from the mid 90s. Not many people praised the recent western movie adaptations of Dragonball and Astro Boy.

    3. Finally, I’d recommend that Eeper relax a bit, and then listen to different podcasts. I recommend Animucast — it’s meant to be non-pretentious, and in the few times when it’s serious, their opinions are varied.

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